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there are a lot of  poor   children in afghanistan,  that need to work for their daily  food and do hand works  , they help their families. one of the reasons that children need to work is their fathers disability and using drugs, they do not enjoy from their childhood       happiness.they start their work early in childhood, while the  should lead education        . they should  work in coldness   of winter and hotness of summer. they need to work hard to earn money. when they get older and grow up it is hard and boring for them so they get addicted by addiction, they harm country their selves their families and their illiterate parents also cause the children to be illiterate and follow the way of their , they cannot be educated and have a bright future. they cannot go to school. the youths are the future of the country. they should make the country only with knowledge      . but unfortunately the children  in afghanistan are working instead of studying.

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MELODY is a 12th class student of EQBAL school in Herat.interests to writing .

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