China Panda bites compensation paid 80 thousand dollars

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Beijing: A wild pandas in northwestern China's cutting 80 thousand dollars were paid as compensation.

Linz last year, according to local newspaper Pandey, a wild man named Guan Kwanza cut the time when the forest department officials leukemia thinking that it was trying to control and crossed into the field of victim fled Panda Guan Kwanza Pandey bite wound so severe that came to his wound had surgery.

After the incident, Guan Kwanza thaaam lawsuit against the Forest Department officials about the concept is the same as the panda that he is a gentle and affectionate animals but her teeth are large and sharp, and the hook If the injury is severe.Guan reports are satisfied with their compensation is the amount of money that would pay for their treatment with gykyal the lost hours of surgery, and the local newspaper they may require another operation is.

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