chinese president tour of Pakistan

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Today i am going to talk about the delay of the chinese president tour of Pakistan. Due to bad political condition of Pakistan the chinese president decided to delay his tour of Pakistan. It was all because of imran khan&others.


His tour to Pakistan because of the bad condition of Pakistan. His security team take a look of the security for his tour and advised him not to visit to Pakistan . We are already suffering from many problems it was going to be a great step for the Pakistan but we have to suffer again.


Due to there marches our economic condition also got very bad we have to suffer from loss of millions of dollars in economic. In that tour the president was going to sign many important contracts which was going to help the economic of Pakistan a lot but due to some powers who dont want to see happiness in Pakistan the peoples of Pakistan have to suffer again.


But it will be very shamefull for the peoples of Pakistan that the president of china should visit india and other countries instead of Pakistan. We should pray that the conditions of our country should got well and we should travel towards success.

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