Chinese Tarot card: Major Arcanume

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The significance of this Major Arcanume is twofold:

The SUN is associated with GOLD, it has its color, brightness and heat because of the emotion it arouses. This major arcanume means absolute triumph, providential abundance and radiant glory. It is the sign of a rich and happy destiny, of an instant and fabulously prolific success and an imminent FORTUNE!

As a life-source, the SUN is also associated with the fire that warms and enlightens. A source of resurrection, it gives us the light of day and the rhythm of seasons and it punctuates time that goes by. To draw this arcanume in the first draw means that nothing is written in stone : everything changes, moves, evolves. The golden ray of Luck will come and ignite a fabulous financial opportunity and cause this COLOSSAL wealth you've been wanting for so long.

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