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Founders will be issued 100 wallet coin chips 5 different coins 20 of each. Founders will get 4.9% per stake of monthly profits starting oct 1st, 2014 payment on last day of every month thereafter Founders get all products at 2% overcost forever. FOUNDERS WILL BE THE ONLY DIRECT BUYERS . We have already secured and deposited 10,000 wallet order from a casino and have orders for over 2000 more .We havent even started the sales drive yet. OUR projected earnings after expenses is $6000.00 per month .WE expect alot more as franchisees start to enter in the fold. Bitlanders/Stake 11.5% of shares (founder 73.5,investors 10% =83.5%) Shares will be set at 0.28 cents each 100,000 will be available all to be sold @ bitlanders and dividends will be payed on last day of each month .we will raise $28,000.00 to purchase our own printing and stamping machines, PRYPTOLV sponsored Meetups in each founders hometown,advertising and web devolpment. .So founders will get even better pricing once that goal is achieved.. Investors have no resell rights and are not considered franchises or founders they will get 9% of monthly profits ),1% deducted for fees and maintence )only divided equally among the 100000 stakes. FRANCHISEES 1 ARE only SOLD or designated by a Founder . 2 franchisees can recruit other franchises and all will order through the founder who signed them up.They are the man on the street choose wisely! 3 are the main resellers to Gen public.SUPPORT AND INCENTIVIZE YOUR FRANCHISES THEY ARE THE FRON TLINE. 4 Franchise owners can only order from their founder and PRYPTOLV (DOGECOINSHOP) only if their founder is unreachable. That leaves 16.5% =165,000 stakes in reserve .They are owned BY PRYPTO ,PRYPTOLV .Their use will be 7% reserved for future fund drives or 2 more founders but we will all vote on that in 2015 .6.5% will be used as rewards for the amazing and overachievers .we will vote each Quarter on a winner.That leaves us with 3% which will be divided up and used to pay our Twitter,facebook,reddit MODERATORS. Well theres the layout.Now This is What we have done since December 2013. we have bought and sold over 40million dogecoin ,on cards ,paper wallets and physical coins,We have recruited over 40 retail stores to accept and sell prypto products.We have led 2 successful fundraisers for local nonprofits.We have sold 10000 of our New wallet coins for NewYears Bash on Freemont Street Las Vegas.This is why we want to get a network of Founders, Franchisees and investors because in 2015 we expect to sell 1 million coins to Casinos,hotels worldwide.AND NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ,THATS WHAT WE WILL DO AND NOW ITS ALL OF OUR CHANCES TO BE THERE FROM THE BEGINNING AND BE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE CRYPTO CURRENCY USEFUL EVERYWHERE EVERYDAY. Instead of watching your favorite coins ups and downs and hoping your trades are always to the positive ,well we can take the guessing out of it by providing easy to use coins that can be loaded from any BITCOIN/ROBOCOIN ATM ,or Exchange (we have one of those also just for your customers Jan 2015) Michael Mahaffey ,SAM WEISS

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