chocolate show

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         in the new york every year a show will organise in which all the thing is made up of the chocolate the show were held every year in the month of the november it can remain for the three days it conyinously held from last fifteen year in this show there will be more then fifty thousand people                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                 in this show every thing is made up of the chocolate the artist made it some time it is in the form of ball,football and human body people not enough eat it but the can see the art of the artist how he manage it many countries can take place in this show and there are many companies and many can celebrate there birth day                                                                                                              
      the income that can be earn from this show can be spends on the poor people of there countries if these type of the shows will occur in our countries thus we can appreciate many countries and we earn much more the question arises is we eat the chocolate or not we do not stop our hand to eat the chocolate but the science says that eat less amount of the chocolate it can effect on the brain and from this weight can increase so we eat in less quantity                                                                                     

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