Christabel, My Love

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Christabel, My Love

The sky was pale,
So too was the sea, dark and grey
I gaind with steady speed, sitting at the prow
While noting that the land afar was low
The thought of our meeting made my heart beat,
As i gained the sea with steady speed.
A miniature moon emerged,
As my boat and the sand converged.
It was so dark and frightful
But as i fastened my boat, i felt grateful.
Following the familiar path, i did embark
A mile later of her house i saw the back
Couldn’t be sure cus places were pitch dark
But the familiar perfume hung around.
Smelling it , I knew she was around.
Hearing movements,I turned. what a sight!!!
I lost my breath as if I were in a fight
For standing there was Christabel
The love of my life, as sweet as an angel
Of my coming, she knew
Of my love for her, was true
Never cared for sailing the treacherous sea to meet her
Never cared for taking the risk to see her.
Christabel, my true love.

For me she shed tears of joy
And seeing her, i felt safe for being far from the shore
Into my arms i cuddle her
Unto her lips, i put mine
Around her waist, my hands went.

Such, we stood for two hours
The delight of seeing each other
As we romanced, i felt her tremble
As our hearts beat each to each.


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