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Sometimes all we need is a getaway on a sunny day with our favorite things. Naomi Christie’s fashion short-film, “Escape” is a how-to-guide for women to enjoy themselves with just themselves and nature. The short features Mckenna Waitley modeling clothing from Insight, Betsey Johnson, Mink Pink, and James Grant USA vintage and could pass for an Urban Outfitters ad. On a breezy, relaxing day, Waitley takes a trip to the beach and makes herself at home.

This “city girl” wastes no time on the design of her ocean-view haven. If you need a break from the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life, try taking a page out of her book.  Find a beach, a mountain or even a hotel across town and let your hair down. Follow these few steps to enjoy a calming afternoon with your surroundings and to recharge your battery.

Fist: Dress comfortably. Duh. Films about fashion are often about what the stars are wearing. Take a few different pairs of clothes. You may find that you’ll want to go play in the waves or take a hike.  Prepare for spontaneity and adventure in any way it comes.

Next: Plan for activity. If you like to read or write poetry, be sure to bring your favorite novel or your pen and pad. If you are anything like me, you’d be tempted to read and write on your iPad. I would suggest leaving it at home. Tablets and other electronic devices take away the “getaway” feeling because you’re still connected to the outside world. Leave your tracking devices in the car!

Last: Bring a friend along. Not a person, but something to keep you company. Waitley brought a beta fish in a jar and a flower in a Budweiser bottle. If you have a dog or even a stuffed animal, bringing them along prevents thoughts of loneliness and the urgency to cut your trip short.

Now get out of the house and enjoy some girl time. As the snow dries up and the sun comes out, it’s shaping up to be a beautiful spring. Start planning your personal getaway now!


View the fashion film, "Escape" on my WebTV.

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