Christmas is a Time of Joy; a Season of Hope

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I was in the taxi going to the Bus terminal after the 2-day training on Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) when my phone rang. It was the Cluster Head,

"Are you still in Donsol?" he asked.

"No, Sir I am in Manila attending a training and I am about to go home,"  was my reply.

"Oh, yes, please come home immediately because the provincial director is worrying because he can't practice the cotillon without you."

I laughed and said, "I'll be there on Monday."


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Oh no! Oh yes!

Do I really need to dance?

I thought I'm a writer.

I just realized that the month of December is about to start. Yes, this is the month when most people are preparing for the grandest celebration of the year, the Christmas season. Everyone is busy preparing for the different activities as part of the Christmas Holidays. 

November was a busy month and I spent most of my activities outside the office. That is why I wasn't able to attend the monthly conference for this month.  They probably selected those who will join the cotillon during the Year-End Assessment of the regional office. What I didn't know was that I will be the partner of our boss during the activity. 


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Being chosen to be the partner of our boss is an honor for me, though, I am less confident because part of the aging is the gaining of weight. Not to mention that I also have few physical activities because I spent most of my time in front of a computer. We will be having our get together on the 13th and such a short time to control my diet. I don't want to collapse in the middle of a performance. 

But since I presumed it was a final decision and everything has been backed up by an office order, I can't say no and need to practice diligently. Good luck to me and the group, LOL.

Christmas In Our Hearts


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We are probably aware that Christmas is the most awaited time of the year especially when you are in the Philippines. Our country, which is one of the two predominantly Roman Catholic nations in Asia (East Timor is the other one) and the third largest Catholic Country in the world, celebrates Christmas as part of our Catholic faith. We are also known as the country with the longest Christmas celebration because as soon as the BER month started, you can already hear Christmas songs being played all over the radio and people start decorating their homes. That's only in the Philippines.

Our Office's Christmas Party Preparations


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Our office celebrates the season every year except when calamity such as typhoon strikes where we opt to collect all the amount intended for the celebration to be given to those who were greatly affected.

The office would usually conduct contests to be participated in by the employees from the provinces with a small amount of prize at stake.  Last year, our group won the third prize while the previous year, we didn't get any prize because our province was most affected by the typhoon.  I remember I was stocked up in my area of jurisdiction even after typhoon because the roads were unpassable and I have to wait for two days before everything was cleared. 

I hope we would be spared from the threat of calamities this coming Christmas season. 

The Dance Practice 


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This is the first time I attended the practice of the cotillon. I can see the excitement on the face of those who are joining. Everyone was enjoying this very moment. We seldom see each other because the officers are assigned in the municipalities and they can only come to the office during a conference or if they need to submit a report. So having an activity like this requiring the presence of everyone is an occasion for us to be together and that alone for me is a time to enjoy each others company. 

The Costumes

The dressmaker who was tapped to make our costume for the dance came in while we were having a practice. He showed us the design of the costumes for the group and another design for my costume as the partner of our boss. He got my body measurement and asked me about my preferences.

After taking my measurements, we continue with the dance practice.We have a lot of polishing is to be made. It was agreed upon that we will be having a series of practices in the coming week. 

Other Concerns

>>>The Accommodation

The Program Manager already made some research about the place where we can be accommodated during the occasion. I also helped him with the other hotels but no result yet. 

>>>Finding a Gown

 It was the most difficult task for me. Although I already have a gown for the cotillion, I still need to find another gown for the main activity/occasion. This year's theme is Star Magic Ball. The ladies are required to wear a ball or nightgown while men should wear Tuxedo.

So last Sunday, I went out to find a gown but unfortunately, most shops are closed during Sundays, so I have to wait for another day in order to find a gown that would be perfect for the occasion. I was able to find one that is just right for me yesterday. 

Family Occasions


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Of course, our family also need a time which we could be together.  Christmas season is a great and fun way to be with the family. I am making a plan and started to buy some gifts. I already bought some gift for my relatives. I am trying to find items one at a time so that I won't be cramming.

As of now, I am still thinking of what to prepare for the Christmas eve. I want most of my relatives to come to our home so we could spend a time together.  I want to prepare sumptuous dinner for everyone. I want to do this every year starting this year. Last year, I prepared food for my family. My mother and sister came during the day. Typhoon also visited our place last year and so my brother wasn't able to come with his family. That's why I am hoping that this year, we will all be together. 

Here is one of the most popular Christmas songs, ma favorite. Hope you like it.

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Christmas is a time of joy. A special moment we must share with our family, relatives, and friends. A time to spend together. We devote the whole year to our work and other activities. Let this special occasion be a time for our loved ones. Let this be a moment of joy and giving. 




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