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It is again the season when almost everything around us is greeny and colorful because of the sparkling lights and green leafy decorations hanged or put up on the walls or the windows of our neighboring houses. The parks are covered with lights. There are Christmas carols and songs being played in every corner of the town.

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But aside from all of those decorations mentioned, there's one which is never really absent on this season and that is the most obvious one above all because it is mostly the center or the highlight of all the Christmas decorations.

And yes, I am referring to the Christmas Tree.


What is a Christmas Tree?

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Christmas Tree can be real or artificial tree, It has a triangular shape which is set up and decorated with lights and ornaments as part of the Christmas celebration. It has been a norm for Christians to put up this tree and decorate it with lights. There are also other unique ways of decorating it and it has evolved from the past until the present. There are lots of decorations available to dress up the Christmas trees.


History of Christmas Tree

It has been said that the usage of Christmas Tree as a decoration on Christmas season was initiated by Martin Luther who have been noted to add lighted candles to an evergreen tree. But there are also other speculations that this kind of tradition has been already available since the Pagan days.

Also, Egyptians has a custom to use evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands as a symbol of eternal life.

Everywhere in the world, each country has its own origin and history on how they started using the Christmas tree as a decoration, some may have thought of it as a worship of nature as how pagans did while others had been using it as a sign of prosperity.

But as time goes by, it has been accepted to most and has already gained popularity to almost all over the countries and eventually became a custom which has been adapted annually.

Evolution of Christmas Tree

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From the time that the evergreens or what are referred to as Christmas trees were brought indoors for Christmas decorations, people are already in for a perfect shaped tree. They want a tree which is perfect from all sides, the top should be all erect pointing upwards to the sky and there are no gaps in between the leaves of the trees. If it is not the case, the tree is considered an ugly one.

Since traditional Christmas trees have a needle like leaves, there's a challenge of keeping these leaves intact on the body of the tree for a long time.

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Thus, the the artificial trees came in hand.

Artificial Christmas trees had also evolved and the design is limitless. It would depend on the idea of the person who wants to get their Christmas Trees up even without the presence of a real tree.

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But the first artificial trees which has been available in the market range from the Feathers  , Brush and plastics

The plastic ones are the most in demand since most of the countries in Asia doesn't really have evergreen trees. As a result, the plastic artificial trees are instead put up during the season. Almost every house would get their own Christmas tree up for the season.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

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From time to time, there are different kinds of designs and structures which people from all over the world tried to invent to innovate and provide new stuffs to the consumers. There are different kinds of added ornaments which are already in the market for consumers to choose from.

Aside from series lights, here are some of the ornaments and additional decorations which can be put up in the Christmas tree:

Ball Ornament

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These were the traditional ones which has been the usual decorations. Its colors ranges as well and the designs in it. Some may only have simple glassy kind of texture while some has silver dusts in it and others have transparent ones with some items inside for additional designs.


Christmas Angel decoration

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These angels can be hanged in the leaves area or it can also be placed at the top of the tree. These angels also differ in color and sizes too!


Christmas tree snow



This kind of decoration is trying to mimic the actual snow which occurs as well during winter. Christmas season happens during the winter season too so the snow usually falls into the leaves of the evergreen trees. The simple version of the snow on the tree leaves is through the usage of some thickened soap.


Christmas Ornament Snowman and Christmas Bear


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And of course if there's snow, there's also a snowman. Just like the angels, it can also be hanged at the ends of the leaves. Aside from that there are also other variations like the Christmas bear and other kinds of stuff toys.



Christmas Ribbons

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This is one of the common ones which are used for Christmas tree decorations. The ribbons can be placed all around the tree and may also be hanged on the leaf edges. Most of the time, just ribbons can already work for the tree. Adding up a few lights can already spice up the Christmas tree.


Unique Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have been evolving through the years and if you won't innovate, your Christmas tree will be boring and would look the same through the years on our photographs. This is also the reason why most of the people who put up Christmas trees would try their best to change the theme or the designs of their Christmas trees.

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Here's a mirrored Chrstmas Tree:

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A Christmas tree inspired by the game Pacman:

Mobile Phone Christmas Tree:

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree:

Lego Christmas Tree

A pure gold Christmas tree valued at $2 million has been unveiled at Tokyo's Ginza Tanaka Jewellery store. The value of the gold was about $700,000, but the total value of the tree is higher because of labor costs.

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Here are more unique Christmas trees

Aside from that, the trees have also been becoming bigger and bigger each year. There are malls and stores which had made their own way of getting huge Christmas trees displayed outside their stores.

Tallest Christmas Tree


The largest floating Christmas tree measures 85 m (278 ft 10 in) in height and was erected as an annual tradition in Rodrigo De Freitas Lagoon in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for Christmas 2007. The tree was sponsored by Bradesco Seguros e Previdência.

World's Tallest Christmas Tree is located in Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles. Tallest Christmas tree of 2014. Check down here the video of it:


Most Expensive Decorated Christmas Tree


The most expensively decked Christmas tree was erected on 7 December 2002 at the Tsunamachi Misui Club, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan by Piaget Japan. It was decorated with 83 pieces of jewellery which had a total value of 1,357,785,000 Japanese Yen ($16 million, or £10.4 million).


Also in 2010, Emirates Palace, a hotel in the United Arab Emirates specifically in Abu Dhabi has unveiled what it says is the world's most expensive Christmas tree. The 13-meter artificial tree at Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel includes diamonds, pearls and sapphires -- 181 precious stones in all. Most of the stones are in necklaces and earrings provided by a local jeweler. 

Standing 43 feet high, the tree - itself worth $10,000 - has necklaces, bracelets and watches draped over its branches among traditional baubles and lights. The total value of the tree is $11m. The large tree in the hotel's lobby also includes bows, ball-shaped ornaments, lights and other traditional Christmas tree decorations.

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