Citadel and Film annex Initiatives to enhance the student knowledge

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Today is 4 January 2013 and this is the first weekly activities of Herat Citadel Team in year of 2013 which I am writing it as a blog. We plan this year brings new opportunities for Citadel to can help large number of afghan students with learning new methodologies.

Afghan Citadel and Film annex with collaboration of each other are having the same mission to enhance the knowledge of students with modern technologies especially in Afghanistan which used today in the whole world.

Citadel team are going forward to accomplish their mission in this way by building computer lab for schools in Afghanistan and capacity building , till now we have registered more than 2000 afghan student into the Online Examination system and this is one of our big prosperity that we achieved in Afghanistan.

We are working in the 7th school computer lab in Malake Jalali of Herat; it is still in progress to be complete. Fortunately we have successfully finished the second school registration progress in Alisher Nawaie High School and about 850 students from classes 8th -12th are registered to the Examer. And we started registration of Hatifi High school in this week and about 120 students registered to the Online Examination system in this week.

Our uploading average is increasing day by day as we have been uploading about 155 new vide from Whitehouse into the Film annex web channel.

In this week we took the Malake Jalali principle and teacher interviews and they will be uploading so soon.Also we have taken one of the Afghan women singer interview but cause of electricity problem the interview didn’t seems fine and nice and we will again take this interview in the following week.

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