Citadel Initiatives to Educate Afghan Women Students

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When I was an undergraduate student in High school of Herat, there were not any opportunity for me to enhance my computer or internet knowledge, and I didn’t have such skills and knowledge about these modern technologies. There were other thousand of schools students like me who were not such familiar with these new methodologies as well and now that we are in year 2013 there are still students who are not having the opportunity to can communicate with their families and friends in other parts of the world, learn about new available methodologies in the world and enhance their understanding.

But now with the help of Film Annex and Citadel this wish for female student comes true. I am really happy to be involved in the process of women empowerment which is to utilize the female students ICT knowledge and prepare the opportunity to share their ideas by writing professional blogs and learn from other ideas, besides it’s a good way for them to earn some money and stand on their feet.

0ne of the key factors of women empowerment in Afghanistan is Education; there is no better way to protect afghan women from misfortune and gender equality than this method.


Today Film annex and Citadel are providing this context for students in Afghanistan that they enhance their understanding with new technologies such as computer, Internet and novel media’s.

Currently more than 4000 female students are in encountered with this learning process at 7 different schools in Herat in order to become familiar with computer basis. Approximately 2500 female student have been registered to the Online Examination platform (Examer) which 150 of them are newly submitted to this system from Hatifi High school in this week.

We are trying to provide working environment for women and female student in Afghanistan by hiring female teacher from schools, and bloggers to they can achieve economic self-reliance.

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