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Hi friends, how are you? After a while I am posting something. Hopefully you people will appreciate it.

In this blog, I want to express my opinions and feelings about Citrus fruits of Pakistan. As "Winter is Coming", not the same meaning as of the Quote in Game Of Thrones but same words; the season of Oranges is very near. 

And because I belong to Sargodha side, I have a kind of uncanny love for Oranges. We also have our own farm there, so I know quite a bit about them. There are Oranges of various types ; some are Kinnows, Musammi, Fruiter, and Blood. These are the most known and common ones. 

Kinnows are the sour ones, I think they are called Tangerines. Well, Pakistan also exports them to various countries including Russia. God has been Kind to us for blessing us with fertile land of Pakistan. We export the things we farm and our very well known for the taste and quality of the goods sent. The Tangerines are exceptional in Pakistan. A part of Sargodha District is Bhalwal, it is a small town but it is famous for its Citrus and is known as the Land of Citrus in Pakistan. 

As the cold winter nights come, the late night talking, gossiping and playing games will start. With a fire in front of us, We eat Dry Fruits and the fruits of the cold season. Ah, such a pleasant and warm feeling it provides me just to think of it. The joyous moments as siblings and cousins sit in peace and harmony enjoying the cool weather. 


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