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Multan is one of the most beautiful and ancient city of Pakistan. It is situated in Punjab province. Multan is also the hottest place of Punjab. Recently Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaaz Sharif announces Multan as a big city like Islamabad and Lahore.Some of the names of the ancient places of Multan city are given below:

  • Tomb of Hazrat Shah Shams
  • Tomb of Hazrat Bahauddeen Zikriya
  • Tomb of Hazrat Shah Rukn-e-Alam 
  • Dam'm Damma
  • Qila

Some of the oldest and popular gates of Multan city are listed below:

  • Daaulatt Gate
  • Dehlii Gate
  • Boharr Gate 
  • Paak Gate
  • Haram Gate
  • Lohaari Gate


Some of the main and important roads of Multan city are:

  • Shah Shams Road
  • General Bus stand Road
  • Bosan Road
  • Main L.M.Q road
  • Khanewaal Road
  • Vehaari Road

Some of the most important places to visit in Multan :

  • Multan Arts Council
  • Ghanta Ghar
  • Hussain Agahi
  • Jheel
  • Bahaudeen Zikriya University