Clash of Clans : Attack Strageties

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Bait and surround

You will need about one third of your army camp filled with archers and the rest with barbarians. Make sure that the base that the base that you are attacking has its defenses on the outside of the base.

  1. Surround the base with barbarians.
  2. Back up the barbarians by sending archers behind them.
  3. Sit back and watch your troops destroy the base.




For this attack strategy you will need to fill up your whole army camp with goblins. The player that you will attack should have not played for a bit of time so there mine and pumps should have a lot of uncollected resources that you can take.

  1. Put six or seven goblins at each resource.
  2. With the extra goblins reinforce the goblins that are being attacked.
  3. You should get a good amount of resources in the end.


Not so Tiny Now!


You must have one fifth of your army camp filled with giants. Have an equal amount of archers and barbarians in the remaining space. The base should have little to no walls, unless you have a lot of troop space.

  1. Place all of your giants on one side of the base.
  2. Follow up with archers and barbarians.
  3. You should earn two or three stars.


Barbarian Rush


Only have barbarians in your army camp. If there are mortars or wizard towers then skip to the next base until you find a good base.


  1. Surround the base with barbarians.
  2. Continue to do this until you have no barbarians left.


Wizard and Giant Rush


Have 50% of your army filled with wizards. Put in five or six wall breakers in your camp. Have the rest filled with giants. Wizards are very weak to mortars, so keep your giants up front.


  1. Put in one giant and follow it up with one or two wall breakers.
  2. Put in the rest of your giants neat the broken wall.
  3. Spread out your wizards in a line behind your giants.
  4. If there ate any more walls use your wall breakers to break through them.

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