Clash of Clans - Maxxed TH rushing for TH6

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It's been a while since I started playing Clash of Clans. So i'll be doing a blog to help out newcomers to TH6 (town hall level 6) to upgrade their bases to the max and continue to TH7 fast without gems.

So TH6 is where things start to get series. TH5 is also good but when you're TH6 you know couple of things about Clash of Clans. By now you should have your third builder. If you don't, get him. Here's a tip, use gems only on builders. You can use builders to level up your base pretty fast.

There are three things you want to do at the beginning of TH6.

  1. Upgrade your Air Defense to level 4
  2. Upgrade one barrack to level 8
  3. Build the second Mortar and second Wizard tower and upgrade them to TH5 level


After you have done all that you must upgrade your Clan castle to level 3, so that you can take dragons.

After that you can raid. Use 1 healer, 12 or 13 giants , 5 wall breakers and archers till camps are full.

Then, upgrade your spell factory so you can bring 2 spells and unlock the healing spell.

After you have unlocked the healing spell take two healing spells for every battle. (better if you made spells level 3+) believe me, two lightning spells make no difference to a battle at all. So always use healing spells.

When raiding first use 1 archer to check cc troops. Then take down the air defense with the giants. Don’t use the healers until the air defense is down or she’ll get shot. Use healing spells to keep the giants alive. As soon as the air defense down spawn the healer near giants. And spawn archers from behind giants to clean up the structures. That’s pretty much it. And remember attack bases that have at least 75000+ loot.

You may be wondering what to do with wall breakers. It is a technique to get into inner compartments to take down the air defense. If you understand what I mean, use that technique. It’s very effective. If you don’t understand me, don’t take wall breakers. (I’ll explain it in another blog)

Raiding is one fast way to gain loot. But there is another way to double up the loot. It is participating in wars. You just need loot so even one staring a higher base could bring you lots of loot.

Upgrade your storages, defenses, units and walls to their max before starting the upgrade for TH7.  This takes 6 days so during that time. Make your storages full by doing raids. Trust me, you need an awful lot of elixir and gold (specially elixir) in TH7.

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