Classification Of Plants Tissues And Their Function

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      Plant tissues may be classified into two major groups. The first is simple tissue and second is compound tissue. First we will discussed simple tissue. Simple tissue is composed of only one type of cells performing a common function. Simple tissue are further classified into two groups. The first is Meristematic Tissue and second is Permanent Tissue.


Meristematic tissue are made up those cells which have the ability to divide and produce new cells at the apical growing points of a plant, These cells have dense cytoplasm, a large nucleus with small or no vacuoles. They have thin walls and have central nuclei. The tissues are present at the apex of root or shoots. It can also found on the lateral sides of root and stem.

The second group is permanent tissues and this can also classified in to three groups.The first is Experimental tissue.The cells of these tissues are flattened and irregular in shape.These tissues are present as outer most protective covering of leaf, stem and roots.They are thick walled and are closely packed with no inter cellular spaces.

In stem, the walls of these cells are thick and contain waxy material which prevent loss of water.In leaves, the epidermal tissues have small guarded opening called stomata, for gaseous exchange.The second is ground tissue.Ground tissues are composed of thin walled cells.This tissue is present in all partsof the plant except the epidermal tissue and vascular tissue.

The cell of ground tissue store food for itself.Ground tissue are Ovel in shape. their wall are thin made of cellulose.The function of ground tissue is mainly storage of food material.The third group is supporting tissue.Plants need support to maintain their shape and remain stable.For this, supporting tissue provides strength and flexibility to the plant.The last group of plant tissue is compound tissue.

Compound tissue are compose of more than one kind and type of cell,performing a common function are called.compound tissue.Compound tissue are also called complex tissue.Xylem and phloem tissue found in the vascular bundles are the example of compound tissue.

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