Cleaning the environment

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Remaining clean environment, our home, street, neighborhood, city should clean up the environment is polluted by traffic fumes. Lungs are damaged. Diseases are reduced from the environment clean. Gutters or dirty water mosquito, fly aurjrasym move. There are so many diseases. As mlyryan, cough, fever-like disease. Keep gutters clean our own house. Do not let them stand in water.                                                                                                                Even in the rainy season becomes a mess. Rain water is standing in the street. There are also a traffic accident. There is filth. Garbage on the streets and their homes are pyhnk. The litter is increased. And countless mosquitoes are born.                                                                                                                       Bees seem bhnbnany heat comes. The spread of malaria every year., And after the rain comes the trouble. We are cleaning their houses. But do not hold your lane. The environment is polluted and diseases are increasing.  

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