cleaning up the beach

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so i was cleaning up the beach at old orchard beach maine and i have gotten my hands dirty but what do you know it was worth it and i had a lot of fun and i got to take some really nice photos and i did a lot of cleaning up because people were leaving their trash around and littering which by the way littering is illegal and i don't litter and i highly advise everyone to not litter because if you litter you will get fined and you could end up end jail and jail is not fun and i myself have never been arrested i am a good person so therefore i don't litter or do bad things or commit crimes and i never have served time behind bars i do good things like cleaning up after people who have littered and you guys can do the same thing by cleaning up after people who have littered and i must say there was a lot of trash at the beach when i picked it up and people broke windows and vandalized the pier and public property and other peoples property and i found broken glass everywhere and i was not happy and i could have cut myself on the glass but luckily i did not cut myself on the glass the glass came off of a restaurant and a few stores because people took a golf club and threw stuff at the windows and i had to pick that glass up and throw it away and i had to explain to someone that it is not okay to vandalize public property and i was pissed off and i ended up throwing the broken glass away after saying to someone hey it is not okay to break windows and you want to know something the glass was thick and was tempered glass really thick glass too but what happened was someone smashed the windows and started shooting at the windows too and i was mad and i also found bullets and shotgun shells everywhere on the beach and i ended up throwing those away too so every be good citizens and respect other peoples property and don't litter and don't shoot peoples windows out and also don't smash peoples windows with blunt instruments because i have spent a a lot of work cleaning up after other people and people who vandalize property and shoot guns at property and litter end up in jail and they do some serious time behind bars so therefore i highly advise everyone to be good citizens and as always don't forget to subscribe and buzz my content and as always have a nice day 

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