Climate change: over 20 years denying reality

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That climate change is a fact we participate. A fact as it is also global warming. Events that are living and those who increasingly have a better understanding. But the reports, evidence and scientific data are not sufficient for companies such as Exxon, who spent more than 20 years trying to deny the most disturbing event in our history. And yet they knew. They knew they were betting on measures that would be detrimental to the world. This is shown in an email from the company recently brought to light.

An email to uncover all

ExxonMobil is the world's largest oil company. Their exploration and extraction have been the subject in more than one occasion of scientific and public concern about the environment. Even worse, the company is known for its lively denial of global warming. In fact, the company has funded several studies trying to prove the existence of a relationship anthropogenic climate change (human) was false. Suddenly, this has taken a more serious character from the moment has come to light some e-mail. Mail, written by Lenny Bernstein, former expert climatic consequences of Exxon, is the answer to a question on industrial ethics made by the Institute of Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Ohio. The theme will focus on exploration of gas in Natuna, Indonesia. But what the letter says?

Bernstein makes clear in the text that was in 1981 Exxon aware of the likely potential impact of this operation on climate. "The reserve consists of a 70% CO2," describes, "and the usual method of 1981 to separate CO2 gas was let him escape to the atmosphere." "[...] In the 80s, Exxon needed to understand the potential that they had concerns about climate change and involved on the regulation would affect the Natuna reserve and other possible projects." CO2 is the main greenhouse gas, as well as a global climate regulator. The amount in the reserve Natuna, as Bernstein explains, the have become probably the main single point gas emission to the atmosphere. Worldwide. The book was never developed, although the company has not explained the reasons for it. Although Exxon has now stated that it has never denied the existence of climate change, the fact is that there is abundant evidence (and more than 16 million) showing that Exxon has been 20 years denying it. And it has done, as shown in the mail, knowing the potential damage it could cause.

Climate change is a reality denied

First, do not confuse global warming with climate change, which includes the first. But the truth is that both are critical and important fact. The social concern on this subject came in 1988, after the statement before the United States Congress by James Hansen indicating that greenhouse gases were in immediate danger and were produced mainly by fossil fuels.


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