Clinton Inspires Women In Afghanistan and Beyond

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Sometimes Americans fail to realize that there is a world going on beyond the nation’s boarders.  While very few Americans have a global perspective, this is not the case in other countries. America is often under the watchful eye of the everyday- citizens of other countries.

Afghan Perspective sits down with the men and women of Afghanistan each week to get their opinion on 60 minutes, a long time CBS news special. In this particular episode, Feresteh Forough gives her opinion of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their relationship based on what she learned from a 60 minutes interview. While the view of America, from the outside looking in, is a negative view, Forough was impressed by the partnership and comradeship expressed by the President and the Secretary of State. She also noted that even though they had different views on certain topics, there was no war and conflict between the two individuals.

Forough also expressed that a woman with Hillary Clinton’s power is an inspiration for women everywhere. As Afghan Perspective is a part of the Women’s Annex, a program that promotes women’s empowerment in Central and South Asia, much of Forough’s personal view stemmed from her admiration of the strength Hilary Clinton has displayed as a woman. She compared Clinton to women in Afghanistan like the first female governor of and Afghan state and the 23 females that graduated from an Afghan military program. Forough mentioned that she wouldn’t be surprised if Clinton became the president of the United States. 

Forough mentioned that in Afghanistan, the eagerness for opposing candidates to work together was less than likely. However, she did mention that women in Afghanistan and around the world are taking notes from America. She says that women in Afghanistan are growing in the areas of politics, military services, and business. View the video below to get more of Forough’s opinion of talented women in the United States and in the World 


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