Clogged to Runny

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I am feeling sick today, I have colds and now I am feeling this scratchy throat and I know that this will become cough anytime soon. I have taken some medicines yesterday and also drank some lemon juice too! I even had sambong tea which had really helped me with breathing because you know what happens when you have colds, you can't breathe properly but I am thankful for the sambong tea which really had eased out the clogged nose right while I was drinking it!

Because the sambong tea had helped, I had taken two serving yesterday, I added honey as well. Last night, I was able to sleep properly but as soon as I woke up, the runny nose started again. I had to overdose myself with vitamin C so I to end this but so far I have to sneeze out the yucky liquid out of my nose because I don't like breathing it back in. But still this headache is still existing.

Anyway, this explains why I was unable to work with bitlanders yesterday. I hope this will cured in no time. Be careful with your health everyone!

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