closeup photo of hibiscus flower.

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This is the extreme closeup photograph of a hibiscus flower. I am a fan of flowers. I am having about 120 pots in my roof top.In that collection,about 85 are flower plant pots. It is a difficult job for me every day to water the plants. This activity itself takes about 30 minutes.In addition to that, putting manures every alternate Sunday  will take about one hour.

For pest control, I am using neem oil spray and not any pesticides. Since I am using natural way, I had to spray for once in every week.

Coming to my hobby, it is photography. My interest is flower. So, i am having a collection of about 10000 flower photos! The above photo is also from my collection. The important steps that I have taken are:

1] Sprinkling the flower with water to make it to appear lively. One can see these drops on the flower in the picture..

2] Select the proper camera position to get the est of the flower.

3] Adjust the aperture, shutter speed and so on, if it is a manual camera. If it is a mobile camera, it will automatically take care of it or we cannot have more control.

4] Put to closeup that we can go close to flower and still get the lens focused on to the object.

5] Select proper lighting and direction, better thing is day light.

6] Select the flower which is flawless.

7] Select the flower having appealing color.

8] Select the flower of proper size.

Take several clicks and edit if required.


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