Clothes Buffet: I Am Ready To Rumble!

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I remember when I watched an episode from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) where it featured a new clothes shop event which offers thrilling shopping at its finest! They called it as 'Clothes Buffet' which is quite similar to a food buffet. The difference is, you're shopping for clothes and not food. The clothes by the way is around 30,000 pieces.

Here goes the thrill; every registration costs around $47 or equivalent to P2,000.00 and with that amount, you can buy unlimited clothes as long as you can fit it all in a small plastic bag-about the size of a short bond paper in a span of 15 minutes. I guess the trick there is you should know how to fold clothes in a way that it could fit in despite how small the container is. Even the celebrities find it so enticing to try it!

If I would be accepting the clothes buffet challenge once there is an event like this again, I'll sure practice first! Lol! I guess men wouldn't be joining here 'cause most of them (I'm stressing out the 'MOST' because I believe there are still men who knows how to do it) don't know how to fold clothes. They'll sure mess around! Hahaha



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