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There are different types of clouds. The prefix to the name is a Latin root word:cumulus meaning heap and usually called fair weather cumulus,stratus meaning layer and could be called altostratus. The third kind is from the Latin root word cirrus, meaning curl of hair and mostly just called cirrus. And nimbus meaning rain  and can be called, cumulonimbus.


High level clouds are mostly in the sky during cold weather and about 20,000 feet up.


Mid level clouds usually start at 6,500 feet high up to 20,000 feet and can have ice crystals in them if the temperture is cold enough.



Low level clouds are below 6,500 feet high in the sky and are usually rain clouds, but if it is cold enough it can form snow!


Vertically Developed clouds can form as high as 39,000 feet up in the sky and has a lot of energy within and can produce rain drops inside the cloud itself. These clouds are usually cirrus clouds meaning curl of air.


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