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Strange things can happen when your working in film, you can be asked to do anything, within reason that is, and I had one of the strangest experiences when I was working on a recent level 6 shoot.

I was helping make an experimental film, and I am not an experimental film maker so it was a brand new experience for me, and boy was it crazy fun let me tell you, I was a general runner and so did some of everything, like I stated in a previous blog, see my site (Shameless Plug) but the craziest thing was the coconut audience that he wanted, basically I was putting googly eyes on coconuts and then putting them on sticks. then me and some others had to lie on our backs facing up holding the coconuts straight up in front of the camera to make the audience.

Strange I know but just one of many things that happened on that shoot but in the end it turned out great and I recommend the film, Cake Break by Dan Daley, give it a search and a watch and make sure my dirty back wasn't for nothing.

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