COFFEE New App by Linux

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Coffee is the  new Linux app that can help you to stay up-to-date with current news and there is no need for tab for other customization. It is an amazing app. As Linux want to compare it with google and other on this ground they make these user friendly apps

Like Google on their android users , this app(Coffee) display a important news of the day and provide the weather conditon or forecast condition,from location where you use this app or any other location which you choose manually.

The developers who create this app, their ideas is to get up-to-date you from a quick overview of the current news , articals by different writter and all information which you need from daily news point of view

Installation- Process
Subjected app runs in a tall and from vertical point window that is fixed to the right-hand side of the screen. The disadvantage is you can not easily move it or resize it. 

The application window is also set to display ‘Always on Top’, so you can’t hide or obscure it using another windows.

Personally,my reviews on this app is Iove to see this app on always top. The best part is it not a big problem to leave the just running on background and do your work and check update when needed

IT automatically detect your current location using GeoClue  but you can easily  enter a location manually through the settings section if you want to check the weather update of other location,


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