Coindesk on Women's Annex Foundation - a great message for #UseBitcoin

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About two weeks ago we started to use the hashtag #UseBitcoin as it represents new  places in the world where Bitcoin can make a real difference.Tanaya Macheel of Coinbase wrote an excellent article on the work of the Woman's Annex Foundation:

How Bitcoin Helps Afghan Girls Achieve Financial Freedom

"Afghan women are rocking the boat for their social and financial freedoms, and their opponents wouldn’t even know it, thanks to an organisation that pays them to exercise those rights – in bitcoin. Women’s Annex Foundation (WAF) encourages girls to think independently and discerningly through blog writing, software development, video production and social media. It gives them a platform to send their ideas into the world that both pays for them in bitcoin and provides free Web access in a safe place."

Here is a good overview film on Woman's Annex Foundation:

Read the full story over on Coindesk, and remember:

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