CoinJelly Exchange - Bitcoin Debit Cards and the Future of Bitcoin

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CoinJelly Exchange

CoinJelly is a recently established Bitcoin wallet and exchange service that is based in Hong Kong and Australia. The new exchange is raising Bitcoin awareness and adoption for the public by offering regular banking services for Bitcoin users - such as insured wallets and ATM Bitcoin debit cards. The wallet insurance covers approximately 20 BTC per person. The ATM debit cards are aimed towards travelers in order to give them easy access to funds, as well as the ability to transfer funds into a local currency effortlessly. This is a powerful step in the Bitcoin community, and will surely have other competitors and wallet services contemplating and researching the use of ATM debit cards for Bitcoin transactions. 

The team behind CoinJelly includes members who previously worked with, one of the largest and most well known cloud based Bitcoin mining contractors in the world today. The team is focused on international adoption and usage of CoinJelly services, having already signed around 15 large North American traders. Investor Peter Anderson is the sole financier for CoinJelly. Anderson made a fortune off of the early Internet economy, and decided to invest a large proportion of his earnings into CoinJelly.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

BitInstant's CEO Charlie Shrem announced back in 2012 that his company would be releasing a Bitcoin prepaid debit card. Unfortunately, Shrem was arrested for alleged money laundering linked to the Silk Road incident, and the BitInstant website displays a blank page since January of 2014. The ideas for Bitcoin ATM debit cards have been around now for several years, but are just recently beginning to catch the interest in the Bitcoin community. Not only do Bitcoin debit cards raise Bitcoin awareness, but they also allow people to easily spend their Bitcoin anywhere that accepts ATM debit or credit cards! This is great for those who wish to spend Bitcoin - previously being limited to a certain number of online merchants and only handful of physical locations.

Future of Bitcoin Transactions

With more features and organizations releasing updates and services related to Bitcoin on a daily basis, the ever growing number of people who use Bitcoin continues to substantially increase as a direct result. Technologies such as Bitcoin ATM debit cards give individuals and communities the ability to spend their Bitcoin anywhere that ATM debit and credit cards are accepted! This significantly raises Bitcoin awareness, inevitably creating even more of a stronghold and ecosystem for Bitcoin as a digital currency, payment system and technology. 

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