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I'm going to share where we can use our bitcoin earnings through I admit that after few days of research, I just knew the other services / ways where we could use bitcoins by using Because with this financial service platform - paying bills, tuition, mobile top-ups and shopping online will be paid with no hassle and no extra fees no more traffic dilemma, no more long lines for paying bills, no more going out to top up and shopping with many people and many more. It's the fastest way to withdraw money online here in the Philippines. Let me show you where you can use your bitcoins. 

Majority of Filipinos doesn't have credit cards and bank accounts which has been an issue for the country's slow growth of e-commerce. Maybe Bitcoin can be the solution. So a foreign investor and entrepreneur, Ron Hose, created this Bitcoin trading site,


Meet the Founders 

Runar Petursson and Ron Hose were the founder of who were leveraging Blockchain and Mobile technology to put banking to those who are underbanked in South-East Asia. Ron Hose is also an entrepreneur who took partnership roles in making technological firms, emphasizing emerging Asian markets.


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Ron Hose

Runar Petursson

Runar Petursson 

Ron Hose on Moneytalks Explaining Bitcoin Economy


About Image result for logo launched in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Runar Petursson and Ron Hose offering Bitcoin trading platform here in Philippines and South-East Asian countries. It is very convenient for us, customers, because it makes money transfer easier and very accessible with just few clicks in our devices. They have this mobile wallet that lets the consumers have a direct access to world class financial services and it is the fastest and easiest way to convert in and out, bitcoins, in our local currency even if we don't have any bank accounts or credit cards. It is a financial service platform that were based in Metro Manila. And was developed for Philippines since many if us doesn't have bank accounts.

Ron Hose Said:

"At present, it's too expensive to bank or give credit to [the] remaining 95% of the population with traditional methods. We founded because we see bitcoin opening a huge opportunity to provide cheaper, better financial services for millions of people in Asia."




This is a cash delivery site that covers thousands of banks, payment outlets, door-to-door delivery and pawnshops across the country. It is a person-to-person wallet transfer, online shopping, mobile top-up and remittance service. 

✓ 0% fee in all transactions

✓ No currency risk

✓ Instant Billing

✓ Next day Settlement

✓ No Chargebacks


What can we do using

We can:

  1. Invest or Save
  2. Shop Online
  3. Send Money to Family and friends
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Pay Tuition Fees
  6. Buy Prepaid load/Top up
  7. Load our e-pass to lessen the time paying toll fees.
  8. Have an online business through


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Okay, I'm going to show you how to get started here in step by step. From signing up, adding money / funds in your wallet, turning earnings to cash, loading your mobile and paying bills. Plus, loading your e-pass, shopping online using bitcoins and having a payment center in 


1. Sign Up

Of course you need to register before we start. You can skip this step if you already have an account.

Get your free Wallet here.

Please take note that we can only verify one account each. Creating free account in is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to coins.phImage result for create your account
  2. Input your Email and password.
  3. Check your email and activate your account.
  4. Then put your number and wait for the code and you're done.


2. Add Money

Are you ready? Now you are about to get started in by adding funds or getting paid by bitcoins. Fasten your seatbelts and quick tutorial is about to start. 

How to get Started

This financial service platform lets you send money with 0% fees, buy load with 5% rebate and hassle free paying bills with P5 cashback. With just few click on your device, Cashing in / adding funds in your account was also made easier.

We have options:

  1. Fund your Account or Buy Bitcoins in (Peso Wallet/ BTC wallet)

  2. Get Paid with Bitcoins (from Bitcoin earning sites)



It takes 24 hours for processing ADD MONEY orders.

PESO Wallet : Locked Value

Bitcoin Wallet : BTC Prices Flactuates 


1. Fund your Account or Buy Bitcoins in (Peso Wallet/ BTC wallet)

This can be your next step before you can shop, load, pay bills, etc. No worries if you don't have bank account or credit card because you can now add funds to your with out it. 

You can cash in through:

  1. 2000+ Banks
  2. 200+ department stores of SM and Robinsons
  3. 7000+ payment centers or pawnshops


Here's How:


2. Click the "Add Money" button and Choose the most convenient option for you.


3. From that option, You can choose the preferred payment method which is nearer to you to complete a deposit.


4. Enter the amount you want to cash in.


5. Deposit the amount to the given account then click "Mark as paid" after depositing. 


6. DONE. You'll receive your funds in your wallet with in 24 hours. 

Limited time Offer


You can also Add funds through Gcash Instantly

Need to fund your account immediately? Then Gcash is all you need. You can go to any gcash outlet if you don't have so you can add funds in your account instantly.

How to Add Funds through Gcash? 

Fund your accounts in less than 10 minutes. Just follow these steps:

1. Choose Gcash with in the "Add Money" Option.

2. Enter the Amount to deposit.

3. Then, Click Pay with Dragonpay.

4. Dragonpay page will pop out. Enter globe number there.

5. Lastly , reply to the confirmation text. Type your Gcash PIN.

6. Done! You'll receive your funds instantly.



2. Get Paid with Bitcoins allows you to get paid with bitcoins and convert & cash out into PHP immediately without going through a complicated process and sign up. This is why I like earning bitcoins already. 


Step 1: Give your Wallet Address. 

Where to find your Wallet Address?

You'll find your wallet address in by clicking "Wallet address" under your Bitcoin wallet. See Image below for reference.


Step 2: Receive your Bitcoins

Check your transaction history to confirm that you have received your bitcoin. Your transaction history is found in your wallet page with a list of your incoming and outgoing transactions.



Step 3: Use your Bitcoin

When you receive your bitcoins, you can now use it to top up your mobile, shop online, turning it to cash, transfer to your bank accounts or you can send it to your love ones.


3. Cash out

Turn your earnings to cash. This is my favorite part. ^.^ But lately, I just converted all my earnings to our currency, Philippine Peso. Saving for this coming Christmas celebration. Cashing out lets us withdraw our funds from our wallet/account or we can send it to anyone directly to banks, cash cards, cash pickup, mobile money or door-to-door delivery. This platform has the easiest, safest and fastest way in turning Bitcoin into cash and the good thing here is, we don't need to have a bank account. 

NOTE:  Cash out order placed before 10 am (during working days) will be receive same day. If cash out order placed pass 10 am, will be processed next day.

How do I turn my earnings to cash?

1 . Select the most convenient option for you to Cash out


2. You can select an specific payment method for each option you choose. For Example, you choose BANK.  You can select the nearest bank in your place. It's your choice.  


3. You need to enter the desired amount to cash out from your wallet. You can choose whether from Bitcoin wallet or PHP wallet later before you complete your payment.


4. Input the recipient's details  together with the bank account number. Then hit the "Complete Payment" button. Funds will be transferred in the given account.


 Withdraw your earnings through Cardless ATM 24/7 (Instant)

This is always what I choose lately whenever I need to cash out from, the eGiveCash(EGC) Cardless ATM Instant Payout 24/7. Through this option, you can claim your cash  in any Security Bank ATM machine without needing an ATM card or bank account.

IMPORTANT: Account should be Level 2 (Email verified and ID verified) before you can use this instant payout option.


All you need is three sets of digits to claim your cash. 

1. Exact Amount you want to cash out. 

NOTE: The minimum amount to cash out through eGiveCash 24/7 is Php500 and the maximum amount is Php10,000 and a monthly limit of Php100,000 per recipient (mobile number). You can cashout by hundreds; 500,600,700 and not 550,520 or with any excess amount. 

2. 16-digit reference number

Your 16-digit ref. no. will be sent via SMS through the mobile you specify.

3. 4-digit passcode

Your 4-digit passcode will be sent via email. Same email you used in


How to claim cash in Security Bank cardless ATM option?

Once you have all the Information above, head to any Security Bank with ATM machine.

  1. Just Press the ENTER button. (No ATM needed)
  2. You will be asked to give your 16-digit reference no. followed by the 4-digit passcode and the exact payout amount.
  3. Then wait for the machine to process your transaction.

Here is a sample receipt


4. Buy Load

In, you can buy load anytime anywhere from your funds in your wallet instantly. You can also turn your account into your personal loader (smart/globe/sun/TM). You'll get 5% rebate every time you load. You can make it as your online business now.

How to buy Load?

  1. Go to your wallet.
  2. Click Buy Load.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Select amount. Then Hit  the "LOAD NOW" button.

That's it! Easy as pie. You'll receive your load instantly.


 5. Pay Bills

Hate traffics and long lines? No enough time for paying your bills? Then is the right choice in paying your bills with just a few clicks in your device even when you just woke up or still working. We are just so glad that has the most convenient service on paying bills for over 50 billers nationwide.

What are the Bill Types that  I can pay using

You can see the Bill Types in this image below. Go to Pay Bills page to check more options under this Bill types. No need to wake up early and go through a line or traffic. All you need is just a few clicks in your mobile phone.

TIP: Kindly send payments from 3-5 days before due just to make sure your bills are processed on time.

For Example pay bills in Meralco:

Here's How:

  1. Go to your wallet.
  2. Click Pay Bills.
  3. Then select the Bill Type and Company.
  4. Then put the 11-digit ATM/Phone reference no, Subscriber's Name and the exact amount to pay stated on your Meralco Bill. 
  5. Hit the "Pay Bill" and you're done. 


Other Services

1. Shop Online

This year, made a partnership with the two major Filipino merchants; MetroDeal and CashCashPinoy last March 2015. It is a clear sign that the major merchants were starting to take this digital currency seriously.

The CEO, Ron Hose explained his reasons for the partnership:

“Less than five per cent of people in SEA have payment cards. The low penetration of payment cards means that most e-commerce transactions are still settled by cash, and require additional infrastructure on behalf of the e-commerce company, in addition to inherently being more cumbersome. addresses both of these pain-points by allowing merchants to seamlessly accept Bitcoins for order fulfillment"

The effect of this for 95 million people who have no access to credit cards is to buy goods online that previously unavailable to them. Without the access to any credit cards, developers will allow consumers to participate in the global bitcoin economy.

You can now shop using your Bitcoins here:



Together with other e-commerce sites 



2. Load your E-pass with just your phone

Skyway toll plazas have designated lanes for the convenience of E-Pass users


What is E-pass?

Getting ready for a weekend out of town? You should have an E-passThis E-pass is an electronic toll collection system used in Metro Manila Skyway and South Luzon Expressway(SLEX)E-pass is good for those who loves traveling to lessen your time paying toll fees. It helps you skip the long lines in toll gates for paying your highway toll fees. 

Don't have an e-pass yet? Click here.



How to load your E-pass?

Using your phone, you can load your E-pass through anytime, anywhere. No need to go to any e-pass loading stations like Robinsons and no more worries for those who have no credit cards, because made this easier for people who always travel and doesn't want to wait in a long line in toll gates. You can load with Php500 and Php1000 with just 3 simple steps.

Here's how:

  1. Go to your wallet and click "Cash Out"
  2. Enter you 16-digit E-pass account number. 
  3. You should receive the load in your E-pass Wallet. 

All you need to do is to pass through the E-pass lanes. Then tags attached to your windshield under a rearview mirror will be read by a sensor for 1.5 seconds and also less hassle for loose change and dealing with cash compared to manual transaction with 15 seconds .

No lines. No cash. No hassle.



3. Have your own Payment Center in

 Through, we can now have our own Payment Center using our mobile phones. For every 5 unique bills processed in a week in your account, you'll receive a Php100 extra reward. Every Wednesday evening, your pay-out will be credited to your peso wallet that will count all your bills processed with in over the previous week (Monday-Sunday).

You may now start processing bills of your friends and family. Don't forget to replenish your funds in your peso wallets if you want this business with 

Here is an updated Payment Center Program


Complete Missions and Earn rewards

Want to earn more with Just click you email address on the upper right side of your account and choose "Earn Rewards". 



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