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Coke Studio Pakistan

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Started in June 2008 Coke Studio is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio recording music performance by various artists. The show was created and sponsored by the Coca Cola Company Pakistan and produced by Rohail Hayatt until season 6, and is now produced by Pakistani band “Strings”.

It won't be fair not to talk about Rohail Hayatt. Born in 1987, Rohail Hyatt is a Pakistani record producer, keyboardist, and composer. As record producer Hyatt is largely credited with helping shape and pioneer Western-style rock and pop genre in Pakistan's music industry. He  founded the Vital Signs and released its commercially hit and critically acclaimed album.

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio has been popular throughout the country, receiving critical acclaim and frequently being rebroadcast on numerous television and radio stations.
The purpose of the program was to bring diverse musical influences on a single platform to collaborate musically in live studio recording sessions. The program attracts and welcome artist from various genres, regions and languages including eastern classical, folk, qawali, bhangra, Sufi and contemporary hip hop, rock and pop music.


Background History

Concept of the show was adopted from that of Brazilian show, Estúdio Coca-Cola which first premiered on MTV Brasil in March 2007. The first season of the Coke Studio Pakistan followed exactly that of Brazilian format where performance were held on a concert style platform, however from 2nd season the format was fundamentally changed and currently in Pakistan version the performances are held in closed studio.


International Popularity

Following success in Pakistan, Coke Studio has now become an international franchise. Coke Studio Pakistan success prompted Coka Cola to launch the program of similar format internationally and started from Indian version with the name Coke Studio India, officially titled Coke Studio @ MTV on June 17th, 2011.

Coke Studion - India @ MTV 

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In April 2012, an Arab version of the show, Coke Studio Bel 3arabi was launched in the Middle East featuring performances by various Arabic and international music artists, produced by producer and songwriter Michel Elefteriades.

Coke Studio Bel 3arabi



Coke Studio Pakistan - Seasons

So far Coke Studio Pakistan produced eight seasons. The first six seasons were produced by Rohail Hayatt, while season 7th and 8th were produced by Pakistani music band “Strings”. Since inception the popularity graph of the show remain on high. The concept, music and songs were highly acclaimed and rebroadcasted on several television and radio channels. 

String team busy in recording   

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi 

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 1

The first season of the music show was commenced on April 6, 2008. The show was produced by the Coka Cola Company Pakistan and Rohail Hayatt as the Executive Producer along with her wife Umber Hayatt. The show was ended on April 18, 2008. Several renowned artist performed in the first season include Rahat Fatah Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar, Ustaad H. B Gullo, Saieen Tufail Ahmed, Strings, Sajid & Zeeshan, Saba & Selina and Mauj.

One of the beautiful songs by "Strings" in the first season 'Zinda'


The first season have total 4 episodes. The first episode aired on June 8, followed by the second episode being aired on June 29. The third episode was aired on all locals channels on July 20 and the show came to an end on August 4.

Ali Azmat at his best in Coke Studio  
Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”

Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 2

The second season began on Jun 14th, 2009 and featured some well-known artist and guest musicians which included, sitar player Rakae Jamil, flutist Baqir Abbas, sarangi player Gul Mohammad, Gupreet Channa on tablas and Sadiq Sameer playing the rubab.

The season ended on 14th August, 2009 on the independence day of Pakistan with total five episodes and each episode was titled Individuality, Harmony, Equality, Spirit, and Unity.


Aik Alif - Coke Studio Pakistan - Season  - 2

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”

Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 3

The 3rd season featured five episodes and is titled as Reason, Will, Conception, Form and Realisation respectively. This series also featured some well-known artist. The season commenced on June 6, 2010 and ended on August 6, 2010 produced by Rohail Hayatt along with Umber Hayatt. 

Aisha, Amanat Ali, CokeStudio, Season 3


Arif Lohar in Coke Studio - Season - 3

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan” and the Editor



Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 4

The fourth season comprising of total five episodes starting airing on May 22, 2011 and ended on July 17, 2011. The season concluded by featuring mostly new renowned and well-known artist who didn’t performed in the previous seasons. The season produced some quality songs.



Asrar Shah busy in recording a song at Coke Studio

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio Season - 4 - Mizraab-Mannan

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Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 5

The fifth season commenced airing on May 13th, 2012 again featured some well-known artists. The series also features international rap musician Bohemia, rock bands Overload and SYMT from Lahore, legendary pop singer Hadiqa Kiani, Pushto pop singer Hamayoon Khan, progressive rock band Qayaas from Islamabad, singers Uzair Jaswal and Rachel Viccaji. Folk singers Tahir Mithu and Chakwal group are also featured artists.

The season ended on July 8, 2012 and again produced by Rohail Hayatt and Umber Hayatt. 


Larsha Pekhawar Ta HD, Hamayoon Khan, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 5



Qayaas - Coke Studio - Season - 5 

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 6

Premiered on October 27th, 2013 Season 6 remained a popular music television series. Rohail Hayatt and Umber Hayatt continued as producer of the show. Season 6 for the first time featured foreign artist likes of Sweden based Balochi singer Rostam Mirlashari and Turkish singer Sumru Ağıryürüyen.


The houseband also featured international musicians for the first time in show's history, from countries like Italy, Serbia, Nepal, Turkey, Bangladesh, Morocco and Norway. Total five episodes were broadcasted and ended on December 21st, 2013.


Sanam Marvi at Coke Studio Pakistan

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 7

Season 7 witnessed many changes from producer to house band and musicians and to backing vocalists. Since Rohail Hayatt quits as producer, season seven was produced by Pakistan band “Strings” Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia. Both were appeared as featured artists in previous seasons.


The season took 3 months to complete the series, premiered on September 21st, 2014 and ended on November 22nd, 2014. The Season was also tag for the first time as “Sound of the Nation”.


 Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Coke Studio Pakistan – Season 8

Series regular producer Coka Cola and Strings continued to produce the 8th season. The season was premiered on August 16th, 2015 and ended on October 4, 2015 under the tagline of “The Sound of the Nation”.

The season featured again some well-known 31 artists and recorded some beautiful songs which were broadcasted on weekly basis on various channels in total 8 episodes.


 Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”



Some beautiful moments through the Camera Lense of Coke Studio Pakistan

Ali Zafar

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Sara Haider

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Parveen Shakir

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”


Gul Panra and Atif Aslam

Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”



House Band and Lighter Side of Coke Studio

 Photo Courtesy “Coke Studio Pakistan”



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