Cold water shower some advantages

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Most people think of a cold shower, sat trembling, but only if they know the benefits of a cold shower, then it is not even a shower with hot water.

The following are some advantages of a cold shower !!

* Cold water bath, and organs of the body muscle strength is strong, especially in cold showers for men is very useful.

* If there is water on the body is active brown fat and white fat and calories to maintain body heat that burns. A "second nyuyn" cold showers daily, according to research continues to be a year of about 4 kg in weight loss and obesity is not a disease.

* You have often seen snow in case of injury during the game, players use. After strenuous exercise or labor, even if your body is cold, cold water shower and pains will be protected from the consequences of injuries.

* In the morning wash with cold water all day is balanced heartbeat. Ear, nose and throat (ENT) are protected from various diseases and so you are fit for the day.

* Cold water bath "metabolism" is accelerated growth of white blood cells increases as a result of the immune system and prevent disease is increasing.

* Lovely soft skin and hair too cold showers is very helpful. Warm water makes dry and rough skin and hair from the cold water, soft and healthy hair and scalp pores are not absorb dirt and dust. Cold water and rejuvenate the skin is soft and does not suffer the slack with age.

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