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Good morning, my dear friends.

It is getting a little bit colder these days, and that's unfortunate. Summer is passing by... I keep thinking about it again and again. And this is what popped up in my head. Absolutely instantly I began to think about different nations around the globe and their perception of weather and seasons.
In Russia seasons are pretty much the same as in USA (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring). The exception includes the dates of the beginning/end times of the year. For example, in Russia every season is the same in length, 3 moths long. Summer starts on June 1st, fall - September 1st, winter - December 1st, and the exact day when Spring season starts is March 1st (not March 21st as it is in the States). It is warm and dry in Summer, cool and rainy in Autumn, snowy and cold in winter, and humid and watery in Spring.
In Thailand summer or winter don't exist, which means that seasons exist, but it is not getting cold during the winter time. The seasons are as follows: 
From November through February it is dry. Humidity is low, and every day's sunny. March through June is described as a hot season. For unaccustomed travelers the season may become an ordeal. Humidity rises significantly.
July through October - Rainy time. The mornings are usually sunny; often it starts pouring at night. 
Nigerian climate produces a rainy season from February to March. Dry season starts in October and lasts for a couple of month until the rainy season. 
One of my goals for the nearest future is to celebrate New Year with my family in one of those tropical countries that inspire you and fill your soul with a million positive emotions. 
Have a great day, guys!
Always yours, I.K.

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