College Dorm Survival Guide

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Hello, fellow students!

Some of you may be renting a flat, but others are trying to strive in a college dorm!

Struggle no more, here is a simple guide on how to survive in the college dorm!

1) Get along with your roommate

THIS will make your life a little bit easier. Get acquainted with your ‘friend’. You will feel like at home and maybe you might have a possibility to share some utensils with him/her.

2) Don’t be afraid to meet other people

Be open-minded! New relationships can help you along the way. If some of the relations don’t go well, just forget them, there are plenty of new people you can meet.

3) Have your own ‘stuff’

Be prepared and have all the necessary things to live in a dorm. Something like bed sheets, few kitchen utensils, clothing and hygiene items.

4) Accept

If the living conditions aren’t the way you like, you can try to accept the living the way it is! My dorm isn’t the best, but once you don’t care much about the conveniences, you can live a perfect life.

5) Privacy

This may be a little hard to pull off. Have some privacy, don’t share every single thing with your roommate. Have you own world/life.

Good luck!

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