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'No knowledge without college' is a good old saying. It tells us something about the importance of college life. when a student passes his matriculation, he is deemed fit to enter a college. thus, matriculation examination is a test to see whether a particular student is fit to get college eduction or not. College life is the beginning of real education. At school various subjects are introduced in their bare outlines only. But at the college stage, we study these subjects in details. So the first and the most important fact about college life is the beginning of a period that we intend to spend in search of truth, knowledge and study.

an other aspect of college life is 'maturity'. When a student is studying at school, he is regarded as a child but when the caters the college life, suddenly he grows into an intelligent and wise young man. we find a student than a longer period at school does. what we learn in short period of 4 years at college is much more than what we learn in 10 years' time at school.Again, college life is full of responsibilities. Here one has to be responsible in his behaviour because he is regarded as a grown up young man. Here be gets a training in the practical side of things and Iearns how to lead a good life. He learns how to serve the nation as good citizen, or how to be good officer.

There is a strange charm in college life. Besides study and other academic activities, there are college games and sports. annual games are held at every college once a year, and good sportsmen and athletes are given prizes and medals. Inter collegiate tournaments are also held every year under the auspices of the University and Boards of Secondary Education. In these tournaments various colleges participate and win laurels according to their capability.

College life affords full chances for the development of every student's mind and body. there is a library in every college, and students have every opportunity of getting as much benefit from the college library as possible. There are novels, books of criticism, fictionliterature, letters and essays, biographies and history books etc. etc. Books on all these topics are quite easily available for students. Moreover, college teachers too put their entire knowledge at the disposal of their pupils. Thus, in every college there is a vast and diverse treasure of knowledge ready at hand for use by the students.

Side by side with the training of their mind there are also full facilities for the development of the body of a college students. There are various teams and clubs which a college student may join. there is an equal chance for every student to become a participant in one game or the other. Every student has a chance of becoming an athlete, a gymnast, a steerman, or a mountaineer during his stay at college. Thus, college life gives a lot of opportunities for the training of both, mind as well as the body. But no opportunity can be useful for any one unless and until one is prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. Thus, it is only at the college stage that students have a chance to get training for the hard battle of life in which they have to enter after their college life.


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I am Muhammad Haneef Khan I am Administration Officer in Pakistan Public School & College, K.T.S, Haripur.

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