College Life

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College life is most important part of our life. It is golden time which we spend in college. This time we can never forget in our whole life. In this time period we are all free to decide about our future. It someone archive his goal then his life became bed of roses.

We have to effort to achieve our goal and we have to cross many hurdles. In college life we can make or destroy our life. Beside this, college life is also full of pleasure. Here we make lot of friends and this friends become our part of life. 

There are also lot of entertainment in college like sports, funfair , debates , seminars and different type of competitions that increases our confidence. This type of programs inspire us. College teachers are always frank with their students.


Students can express their opinion very frankly. On other hand some students remain in pleasure of college life and did not pay their proper attention in studies and destroy their future. 

So we should avoid bad company and also give our proper attention in studies and make our life full of pleasure.

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