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College unions are very important organizations. They exist in almost every college. College union is an elected body of college students. General elections are held every year to elect a president, a secretary, and members of the executive of every college union. During the elections there is a lot of canvassing, and college life becomes full of lively activity.

College unions have a wide range of work before them. Before starting their activities in right earnest they set before them some very clear aims and objectives. The most important job before every college union is to work for the welfare of students in a peaceful way. Every college union should work for bringing the staff and students close to one another. An other objective before every college union should be to teach students how to work in a co-operative and democratic way for the welfare of others. College union elections should provide sufficient training to students for fighting fair elections on a country-wide level. As students are the future rulers of the country, they should be fully acquainted with democratic principles and the procedure of making a government. College unions should be able to provide students every facility for this training.

Another duty of college unions should be to create a civic sense among the students. A fair sense of citizenship is necessary for the healthy development of every society. To be a good citizen is not so easy. It is at the college or school level that students should learn the rights and duties of a good citizen. This can be done through the college union system.

College unions should also work and help the college administration to provide proper recreation to students in colleges. Various clubs and recreation centres should be established under the control of college unions. Art clubs, debating and discussion groups, photographic clubs, students common room activities, subject-wise discussion groups and all other societies of the kind should be organized and run by college unions. As students need ample opportunity for their mental and physical training, college unions should also organize outings and tours for college students.

College unions should also adopt ways and means for the development of an academic taste among students. Occasional seminars and lectures on educational topics should be sponsored, and subject specialists from outside the college should be invited. Musha-i-ras and Qir-a-t competitions may also be arranged, and every effort should be made to give students a chance to improve their experience, knowledge and outlook in a healthy way.

College unions may also suggest proper ways and means for the development of games and sports in their colleges. Every college should hold annual tournaments and athletic meets. On such occasions the list of prize-winners should be prepared in consultation with the office bearers of the college union. Those students who achieve a remarkable success in the games and sports of the college should be given prizes etc., to encourage them.

In brief, college unions play a very important role in the life of every college. It is a democratic institution and gives students practical training for the future.

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I am Muhammad Haneef Khan I am Administration Officer in Pakistan Public School & College, K.T.S, Haripur.

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