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I make this text to practice my english

I live in Colombia, Colombia is a amazing country, it has coasts in two oceans.

in my country we can find a lot of beautiful and differents landscapes:There are a desert in the north, tropical forest in the south, mountains in the center of the country.

we have many tipical customs and foods:

these include a different kinds of dances and musical rithms that are result of the mixture of european, african and american cultures, they include: "Cumbia, Bambuco, Guabina, vallenato, mapale, and more".

and the tipical foods,i will mention these are located a national level:

"El tamal" : Rice with meat (beef, pork and/or chicken, "One or all") and vegetables as carrot and beans, all cooked and packed in a leaf of banana tree

"El sancocho": this is a soup, it changes in one and other region, but it usually has old hen (growed in house), potatoes, banana (platano), yuca, beef, and more

"La Lechona": This is the roast pig peel filled with cooked rice and pork with beans and condiments.

there are more tipical foods but these are located in specifics zones of the country

thank you very much for the time used to read this text.

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