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In my city, Bangalore there will be two flower shows every year in a big garden of the city called lalbagh. I am lucky to have such an event very near to my place. Almost from past 30 years, I have been visiting  flower shows every year.

I was running a photography class and so I took some 20 students to this place. They all came with their cameras and I taught many basics while taking photographs of these flowers. I took nearly about 250 photos. Here are some good ones for you.

Roses are always appealing. This one in the above photo is a red rose, known as symbol of love. Who will not love  rose like this one?  All colors are appealing but red rose is special.

The above one is rose rose! It has got close ring of petals and so I have selected this angle of the camera, so that the viewer can see the inner details.

Absolutely amazing photo of the yellow rose. It also carries my name in the image itself. The little inclination of the flower down words makes it more appealing and also the direction of the lighting.

The above picture of rose is saying that white is also appealing color for rose.One can even see the intricate details in this image. 

This photo appears to say that rose is not the only appealing flower. It is dahlia flower. It can be grown very easily and  is equally beautiful. Look at the arrangement of petals! It is almost like a machine cut model.

The above photo shows that of the zinnia flower. In these flowers, this pink color is most appealing. It always face up words and hence give us a good view.

The above photo is of marigold. In these flowers, yellow is very attractive. It is also used for medicine.

The above flower shows that God is the best artist. Only half of it is colored! It is not a defect it is the characteristic of this flower.

Small flowers like the above photo gives a different kind of appealing beauty. These are all symmetrical and are of the same size and color.

Huge collection of pot plants showing flowers like salvia and so on. these are normally used for borders.

I think i have given some idea of flower show.

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