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Usually I don't spend much time on talking to call centers, bank representatives, customer services, and so on in order to find some answer for my questions regarding fees and wrong transactions. But today I actually did call to such guys who messed up with my account in the Regus office previously. Again, I realized how this world is full of "colorful s**t".

When I look back into 2007 and recall all the memories I had collected before my great journey to the States, I realize that it  was so easy to indicate who was who. Living in Moscow was tough, however It was simple enough to take a brief glance at a person, and understand whether that individual was honest with you or not. This is written on people's faces. A classic example would be a person who was dressed badly and rarely smiled. It was So easy to minimize risks to be fooled. The life in Russia is difficult enough, but so easy at the same time. You always know whom you are surrounded by. And it's not like that here, in New York.
USA! So fancy, so glamor. I truly love NYC, but a vast number of people are FAKE (colorful s**t) here. I love generous smiles, not those made up ones that badly affect my digestive cycle. I hate when people ask you "How are you?", and never pay attention to what you are trying to respond. Why do you ask me then if you are not goddamn interested in listening to me? ;)
 People are used to lie looking into your eyes. Some folks tend to leave their moral principles behind themselves if it can possibly help them get better opportunities.
Colorful s**t is a type of s**t that looks and smells like a candy; it's a type of people who pretend to be nice... But in the reality they are very stinky; very often you risk to bite this sort of delicacy. Once you do it, you would never want to repeat it again ;) ... 
"Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire!"

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