Comfort zones, casting & Confidence.

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This week I was well out of my comfort zone on many levels. The first being on camera. I tend to shy away from camera roles as I am awful at shoulder mounted work, due to me being petite, and when given a broadcast standard camera, no matter how many times I've used it, it still seems like the first time I've touched one. But this time was different. I was shooting on a DSLR, a commercial project by one of my peers, for Flux Ceramics. 

As I've mentioned before Flux is not something I was particularly interested in from a first glance, but as time has gone on, I have become more passionate about commercial filmmaking and seem to have got my 'mojo' back. And with the right crew, I felt more than happy to do camera work and step out of the box that I have sort of pigeon holed myself into. It felt uplifting knowing I was part of something that is probably the most important thing in filmmaking, actually recording images.  I worked ways around shots I struggled to get, and didn't mind getting my hands, and clothes dirty.
 Another confidence booster was auditioning actresses for my very own Flux commercial. This went very well and there were barely any nerves at all. And I have all my actresses sorted for this shoot right about now, and they fit the role and description very well. 
I am very amazed at how one small step like taking authority over something, and doing something that you have never enjoyed doing before, can change your whole opinion of it, and you eventually get better at it. And you get over your irrational fears the more you do it.
This week has been a good week. 

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