Communicate to win!

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Our social lives is hanged by communication, and without communication human’s being will be such a physical existent as solids and plants, because animals make communication between each. Sometimes humans enjoy from communicate with other that nothing else be enjoyable than this.

Human’s success in social life relate to success communication, so anyone who wants to be success should learn communication knowledge and skills. Skills such as speaking and writing, allegory and beckon, listening, learning and realizing and others actions are all in communication.

Communication brings positive response and is caused promotion, happiness and much stimulus for human, while people spend about a half of day in communicating with each other. This communication has two forms; one is direct and the next is indirect. Along with technologies improvement day by day the face talks subtracted and added to talks by communication’s tools.

By communications people display their abilities and as well their weakness and disabilities in the society. This valuable phenomenon teaches us that no one is perfect, everyone can do fault. This way is nonstop, and is with us during wake and sleep. People need different experiences for communication and it doesn’t have any end. Always is exchangeable in different place and time and we can to not communicate same with all people.

Awareness from the above cases, learning of affects and communication’s reflection, and understanding media characteristics are all factors that make communication and bring success for us. So communicate to win!

BY Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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