Communication process..

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Communication is a two way process sending and receiving message.

1. Sender
2. Encoding
3. Message
4. Medium channel
5. Receiver
6. Decoding
7. Feedback

First of all we discuss sender.
The person who start the message is called the sender. The sender may be individual and in group.
The sender should pay full attention to what he is trying to communication and choose the best word and body language to communicate effectively.
Second point is encoding.
The first step is sender faced with is encoding. Encoding mean to put your ideas into words, symbol or gestures.
Third point is message.
The message is idea, information or feeling transfer from the sender to the receiver to achieve understanding. It make relation between sender and receiver.
Fourth point is Medium/ channel
In the medium a message is convey through medium or channel. It can be verbal, non verbal, or visual i.e conversation , seminar, telephone call, radio, television program and email or letter etc.
Fifth point is Receiver.
In the receiver the person whom message to sent. In communication process the receiver is as vital as the sender. In his absence the communication is incomplete..
Six point is decoding.
Decoding is just the reverse of encoding. When the message is received the receiver assign certain meaning to it. The process of translating words and symbol is called decoding.
Seven point is Feedback.
Feedback is the final link in the chain of communication process. In the feedback receiver response to the sender...

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