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"A man is known by the company he keeps."

It is one of the most famous proverbs we read and hear in our daily lives. Our parents warn us about our company. They want us to be friends with good kids and tell us to stay away from bad kids who may spoil us. They keep an eye on our friendly activities. Our teachers do almost same. They advise us to be friends with nice people and avoid evil ones.

But good friends or bad friends is not a big deal. One is not affected that badly by bad friends as he or she is affected by wrong friends. No, wrong friends are not necessarily bad persons, they are just not meant for that particular person.

For instance if a teenage boy has artistic taste and he makes friends with those boys who are scientific geniuses and hangs out with them and spends a large portion of his time with them , even though they are real nice persons, he is in trouble. He should make friends who are artistic like him. In this way he would have people to talk about his interests and they can together produce an art friendly environment which would lead them to the pinnacle of their talents.

Childhood is the age which develops a person into a professional. Interests are converted into talents in teenage, so one should be very careful about his or her interests and ambitions. Friends influence us very much about our ambitions and they affect our mentality. In a circle of friends, minds are set like compasses in a magnetic field. All tend to be in same direction whether they want to or not.

Selection of such friends also causes loneliness in later life when everyone gets old and gets busy in his life routine then a person who doesn’t has friends with his ambitions and interests gets lonely even though they are around him.

So we should be careful while selecting friends and should teach our children the same.

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