Comparison of energy sources with our daily uses

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Today we talk about the sources of energy that we use in our daily life. Energy is very important for our life because it used and everything in our daily routine. In our daily life different machines and other working object are start  on energy in different ways.

If we talk about the comparison of Pakistan with other country that are more stable then us , they get many sources of energy that convert their work into on a single. The western country are more powerful and very highly technological county that only use their machinery on energy.

The main sources of energy are electricity , gas and oil that are used commonly every machine. The production of energy is very less as compared to uses of energy. We can get energy by converting flow of water with high speed and burn the the electricity.

This source of energy are work on very highly scale and 65 percent of electrical electricity are bring from this source. Remaining 35 % are you get by other sources like air and sunlight or by converting mechanical energy into heat energy.

For this purpose large amount of generator are start on oil and generating electricity by magnetic field. What are sources are not forever. According to the uses of power consumption we can get the way of unlimited source of energy that is sunlight . By sunlight we can convert light into electricity by solar plants.

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