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In the world there are many injustices that to look good, you might think it's a wicked world. But then, when you are faced with situations that are part of their day, you realize that this is not so. People live in simple things, and when things get complicated, you lose your serenity. The complications are part of life, it is true. They are part of life when they are complications caused by ourselves or our loved ones. But when caused by others, with people who we do not have anything to do?
In these cases become severe, severe as it becomes a war that we do not know why it broke, like a serious illness that it rains on me without knowing who comes to us.
We often say that it is something that comes from the Divine, but I do not think that there is a Divine has in mind to make us suffer. But I believe that there are evil people, who often occupy positions of power who have no mercy on anyone. People without a soul. People who do not know how to love.

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