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I am sharing this one because I also want you to enjoy life while Earning Money.

According to Robert T. Kiyosaki an American investor, a businessman and the author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" that there Four Types of People who are generating income in different ways in which he calls it the CASHFLOW QUADRANT:

  • Employee - Yes, YOU HAVE A JOB but can you earn??? The answer is YES if you are SINGLE but unfortunately, the money produced by just having A JOB WON'T BE ENOUGH if you have a FAMILY. Agree? Sadly, if NO WORK NO PAY and it won't even make you rich even after you retire. 
  • Self-Employed - YOU OWN A JOB. An example of this are Doctors and Attorneys. Doctors can have much patients, Attorneys can have as much cases as they want. The MORE CASES/PATIENTS they have the MORE INCOME they get. Can they also earn? Obviously YES but they will have LESS or NO TIME for their FAMILY and even for THEMSELVES. Can you imagine if that will happen? Of course you do. Its just common sense. XP
  • Businessman - YOU are the BOSS and PEOPLE WORK HARD FOR YOU in order to generate your income. I guess there is no need to elaborate this one.
  • Investors - These people are the types who enjoy life and do nothing but still produces income. In other words MONEY are the one's WORKING FOR YOU. Just sit back and relax while YOUR MONEY IS ROLLING.

Watch this video. It has the same principle as the Cashflow Quadrant.

I hope this one can change your perspective. Become an Investor someday. Enjoy! :D :D :D

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