Compulsory marriages – Women Empowerments

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Compulsory Marriages are one of the serious problems that we are facing daily in it. There are cases, especially in suburbs, that without the girls’ permission, she is given as fiancée to somebody. Although this in not based on the laws, it is happening every day.  It is also including widows too.

The school girls who are not still mature, and are studying their schools, are made to accept the marriage with somebody that are not interested.

In the today society, the girls need to get education, and continue it to be able to serve to their people. Unfortunately, some families do not comprehend their daughters, their wishes to for the future, and do not thing about their daughters’ future.

On the other hand, there is a law against women violation. If there is any girls who is not satisfied of her marriage could sue to the court, and it will be paid attention to. The law against the women violation was successful, and the violation against women came down that made the opportunities better for the girls and women to study and go to school.

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