Computer Hardware and Software (Part 1)

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Computer hardware and software both are very important, because The HW needs SW to be useful and at the same way SW needs HW to be useful. Hardware and Software both are useless without each other. We will discuss both hardware and Software.


Computer Hardware

Hardware and software are two different things. Both are very important in computing. Hardware can be seen physically, while software can’t be seen physically. There are different things which are called hardware, for example CPU, Mouse, Computer Keyboard and Monitor. Some other hardware are Printer, scanner, Mic, Camera Joy Stick etc.


Computer CPU:

CPU Stands for Central processing unit and it is the main part of the computer. CPU consists of Ram (Random Axcess Memory), HD (Hard Disk), ROM (read Only Memory) CD (compact Drive), Flopy Disk Drive and Different type of ports which are used to connect the CPU with other devices, like Mouse, Keybord, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Microphone  etc. In short the CPU is the main and Central part of the computer we can say that all main parts are placed in CPU. Power Supply also present in the computer CPU, which plays very important role in the computer CPU because it provide the power to all the components which are present in the computer CPU. A CPU as shown;



Mouse is an input device that it is used for Graphical User interface and it built GUI interface between the user and the computer. That can be wireless are wired mouse, and both are useful that depend upon users requirements. A simple mouse as shown;



Keyboard is input device like the mouse and Different keys are on the keyboard which are used to give the different commands to the computer. A keyboard consist Numeric keys, Alphabetical keys, Function Keys, Aero Keys, Home Keys and some keyboard also having Multimedia and internet keys. A simple keyboard is shown as;



Moniter is output device and it is used for output, for example we can see the picture on the monitor screen. That is helpful to do the different tasks on the computer that can be any calculation, any graphical work or word processor work etc. As shown;






As we know that Printer is very useful device which is used with the computer that is not the directly part of computer but it is used to take the prints of work which is saved in computer hard Disk with the help of Word processor.



Microphone is used for conversion process, to convert audio form in to the Electrical pulses.



Loud speaker is vice versa of Microphon, which is used to convert electrical pulses in to the Audio form.



It is used for the input like the Mouse and Keyboard.



Scanner is an input Device which is used to scan the different document and picture.



That was little introduction of Computer Hardware. in next coming article we will discuss about the computer software.

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