Computer Technology

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Today we are living in the modern world of the technologies where computer and internet is one of the best and latest technologies. Computer has made the life easy and comfortable.

People can take many advantages with comfortably in their own homes. But in this era, computer has many advantages and disadvantages.


We have suffered with badly for the use of this technology. We can use this technology in the several ways like in home for the entertainment, in hospitals, offices and institutes while today many air planes are controlled by the computers and internet. So its mean computer has taken a good step for the fast life in this century and it is fact.



But many people use this technology with just other unnecessary activities like games, movies, songs and chats etc.


While young boys are wasting their time at face book which can affect on their study programs and on their minds. In the result their mind will not able to do more work.


Many people use internet for the illegal works like they hack many face book accounts and ids and they can hack necessary data of the companies.


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